Have the miles between you and your loved one created what seems like an insurmountable amount of stress on you and your relationship with them?

  • Do you spend sleepless nights wondering if they're okay?
  • Do you worry that they may be taken advantage of?
  • Do you worry that they may be living in unfit conditions?

Let COMPREHENSIVE PERSONAL CARE SERVICES, INC. bridge the miles between you and your loved one by taking the burden of care from you.

Let our team of professionals manage your relative's day-to-day care so you can concentrate on building a better relationship with them.

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Our Team of Professionals

Some of Our Services include:

    • Comprehensive evaluation of the personal, familial, medical, financial and care needs of the client.
    • Evaluation and recommendation for appropriate placement or in-home care.
    • Securing and monitoring of medical and personal care services.
    • Consultation with medical providers and arrangement of treatment, as authorized by family or representative.

    • Maintaining communication with the client's family and/or representative regarding client's care and progress.
    • Coordinating in-home services, such as grocery shopping, household repairs, pet care, etc.
    • Providing crisis intervention.
    • Providing family counseling and support.

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