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Our direct ongoing Professional Case Management Services include:

    • Comprehensive evaluation of the personal, familial, medical, financial and care needs of the client.
    • Evaluation and recommendation for appropriate placement or in-home care.
    • Securing and monitoring of medical and personal care services.
    • Consultation with medical providers and arrangement of treatment, as authorized by family or representative.
    • Maintaining communication with the client's family and/or representative regarding client's care and progress.
    • Coordinating in-home services, such as grocery shopping, household repairs, pet care, etc.
    • Providing crisis intervention.
    • Providing family counseling and support.
    • Payment of utility bills and other monthly reccuring expenses.
    • Assistance in organizing personal papers or clutter in the home.

    Our services may be provided to:

    • Family Members
    • Banks/ Trust Departments
    • Estate Planners
    • Attorneys
    • CPA's/ Accountants


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